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Surf Center


Surf lessons

Imagine you’re grabbing a surfboard for the first time and five minutes later you’re surfing down a perfect and smooth wave surrounded by paradise!
That’s Peniche reality!
Join Peniche Kite & Surf Center in the holidays you will never forget!

In our surf lessons you going to have the pleasure of making part of a fantastic group guided by one of our instructors in an easy and fun way to learn surf!!!!!

Because not everyone has the same level of surf we have for you 3 different levels.

The lessons are held in several spots we have in Peniche. Depending on the weather conditions we guarantee you that you will always surf the best waves and know the best spots around.

Surf classes:
  - 2 lessons day, 2 hours each one
  - surf Instructors approved by the F.P.S. (Portuguese Surf Federation) and with life guard diploma
  - surf material appropriate to your needs
  - transfer to the beach
  - 2 video sessions every week
  - maximum of 6 students per instructor
  - personal insurance

Classes description:

LEVEL 1 – Ready for your first step on surf?
This level is for those that never had any contact with surf or have just tried a few times but really want to learn it. You will have an instructor near you, to help and explain everything about the currents, different types of waves, wind effects, etc. And most of all the security rules so that you will be able to practice surf in a fun and secure way.

LEVEL 2 – Do you want to learn some moves?
This level is for those who already had some surf lessons or level 1 lessons but want to learn more. We will teach you some simple moves, like: duck-dive; bottom-turn; cut-back; etc. You’re going to have an instructor helping and correcting you on the water.

LEVEL 3 – Do you want to become a pro?
We have for you lessons given by a high competition instructor to help you in your surf and teach you to have a correct physical and food program so you can take the best out of the waves.

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